A QUICK STUDY: A Bay Window by The Finial Company
Quick Study
A QUICK STUDY: A Bay Window by The Finial Company

For this Quick Study post I asked our friends at The Finial Company, a line known for their custom capabilities, to
share their process from start to finish on a pole and finial order for a commonly encountered window configuration; the bay window. Follow along below as we begin with their easy-to-use diagram and instructions.

Be sure to check out the helpful custom bay window diagram in The Finial Company’s 2013 Suggested Retail Price List, which includes a checklist of required information.

To ensure the accuracy of your bay window order, it is best to provide a drawing of your measurements and specifications.  The  Finial Company will then make a life-sized drawing on butcher paper to make sure all parts fit together.

After the bay window template is finalized, your order goes into process. The Finial Company gathers all your parts, and miter cuts your bay window poles to your specified length.

Every item on your order is hand painted by one expert finisher – all together at the same time – to ensure consistent color and texture across all parts. The example seen above includes a 2 1/4″ Grooved Wood Pole, the WW70 Finial and the DRRG3 Leafy Resin Ring all being finished in 200 Walnut Gold with Gray Accents.

Finally, your order is packed with great care and attention, ready to be shipped to your installation site.

When considering your options for a bay window or any specialty shapes, keep in mind that The Finial Company can miter corners on traverse systems and steel poles as well as wood.

They can even bend many of their steel poles to accomodate arched windows.

    For more information on The Finial Company products or customization contact your local showroom.
    Download your copy of the new 2013 catalog below.


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Quick Study
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