Doing Well by Doing Good
Doing Well by Doing Good

Streets of Paris from the Vicente Wolf Collection as seen in the September 2012 issue of Traditional Home. Colors from left to right, top row: Macadamia, Pistachio. Bottom row: Smoke, Taro, Walnut.

A Tufenkian carpet, like the one above recently spotted in Traditional Home, possesses an obvious beauty. Add to the equation the vision and recognition of designers such as Barbara Barry and Vicente Wolf, who don’t go around lending their name to just anyone, and you can guess that there’s a little more behind the line than meets the eye.  Beyond the design (and upon your floor if you choose wisely) lies integrity, a mission in progress and carpets carefully crafted using the highest quality fibers and techniques that will one day become time-worn and treasured heirlooms.

At a time when other rug companies compromised values and in turn the lives of the local people in Nepal, James Tufenkian refused. He refused to hire children. He refused to play politics. His business model was simple: motivated employees will produce superior products that will in turn drive market demand.  And he was right. In Nepal, Tufenkian provides food and comfortable housing for its workers, and has established both a medical complex and a Montessori school for employees’ children. The company dedicates nearly $300,000 a year to improving and expanding employee facilities. Unbelievable really, and  this is the only a glimpse into the empire of products and projects born from their mantra; Doing well by doing good. It would require pages upon pages to document the ingenuity and good works of this man and those by his side—read more here, I assure you, you will be amazed. I wonder when, or if this man sleeps.

A sample of designs from the Barbara Barry Collection. From left to right, top row: Boardwalk White, Arching Lattice, Moire. Bottom row: Radiance, Waltz, Tracery.

His capitalistic methods have been a vehicle for success in both Nepal and his ancestral homeland of Armenia. To this day he chooses not to simply throw money at problems (he makes this look like the easy way out), instead he looks to long-standing, long-ignored problems. He views them as challenges and he tends to succeed at turning them into money-making, job-producing opportunities for underprivileged communities.

His methods not only breed success, but a superior product. Superior enough to earn the respect and partnership of world-renowned designers like Vicente Wolf, Barbara Barry and Laura Kirar to name a few. Tufenkian carpets are a luxury indeed, but a luxury that will endure through their timeless designs and craftsmanship that ensures beauty with age. See below for a preview of Tufenkian’s most recent introductions.

Desert Smoke from the Modern Three Collection, Clover Loop from the Kevin Walz Collection, Coconino from the Clodagh Collection.


Burlap from the Modern Two Collection, Paradise from the Modern One Collection, Cobblestone from the Modern Two Collection.

Tufenkian samples are on display at our St. Louis and Kansas City showrooms. Contact a KDR Sales Associate for more information or visit For inspiring examples of Tufenkian carpets in gorgeous room settings visit our Tufenkian Pinterest Board.

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