SPOTLIGHT: Gold Drapery Hardware
Spotlight | Window Coverings
SPOTLIGHT: Gold Drapery Hardware

A little bit of gold goes a long way. And while I’m not suggesting it’s for every room, or every project, in the right circumstance gold drapery hardware can add the perfect hint of glam. No need to channel Versailles; modern incarnations like the Brass Holdback from JAB are the epitome of modern elegance with a unique richness only gold can give. On the heels of the Metal Hardware feature in our Window Covering Newsletter, we’ve gathered a few more finials, some metal, some not, and that great JAB tieback for good measure. You should have received your newsletter in the mail by now, if you haven’t received a copy but would like to, e-mail and she’ll send one your way.

Gold Drapery Hardware | KDR Designer Showrooms

From top left: Brass Holdback, JAB Drapery Hardware. 2″ Starlight Finial, Kirsch. Artemis Finial, Kirsch.
1. SF19, The Finial Company. 2. SF202A, The Finial Company. 3. 13-133-23, Select Drapery Hardware. 4. EC214-1, The Finial Company. 5. 3R9, The Finial Company. 6. F138-6, The Finial Company.

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