Spring 2012 High Point Highlights | Part I
Spring 2012 High Point Highlights | Part I

Two weeks ago several members of the KDR staff landed in the whirlwind of walking, talking (a little bit of wine drinking) and buying known as High Point Market. In a recent conversation they shared their insight on what’s new, what’s still going strong (gray!) and a funny story involving cold winds and screaming dealers that resulted in our new, and rather large collection of unique ottomans.
Our Showroom Director, Merchandising Consultant and Kansas City Showroom Manager (that’s Kelly up above lounging on a fabulous Bolier sofa) arrived for the second half of market, but still in plenty of time to enjoy a few cocktail receptions and rub elbows with the likes of Thomas Pheasant.
Above: Thomas Pheasant for Baker
With Mr. Pheasant, the conversation was gracious and his new collection as stunning as we’ve come to expect. Presented in a palette of soft neutrals, the pieces evoke a sense of balance and calm finished with thoughtful details. His self-proclaimed mission; to present his modern view of tradition. If you’re as smitten as I am with the designs of Thomas Pheasant you MUST visit Kohler’s blog for a peek inside his Paris apartment and tag along on his trip to the flea market.
Above: Century Furniture
Century Furniture showed painted pieces in fresh blues and greens,  geometric patterns and trellis designs in addition to softer more traditional vignettes.
Above: Ralph Lauren
Lots of natural materials were seen throughout market; in the raw as seen in Ralph Lauren’s Alpine Lodge Sculptor’s Table while slate and stone topped Milling Road pieces.
Also from Ralph Lauren, more black/leather/silver–what I like to call masculine glam.
Above: Ralph Lauren
Stay tuned for Part II of our High Point recap for new pieces from Sherrill, Bolier Hancock & Moore and the reason so many one-of-a-kind ottomans from Lee Industries will soon call KDR “home.”
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