Welcome Zimmer + Rohde
Welcome Zimmer + Rohde

Fans of Zimmer + Rohde textiles, in case you haven’t heard, we have recently announced the expansion of our territory to include St. Louis and Kansas City in addition to Minneapolis. This exciting new addition includes the entire Z+R family of textiles: Zimmer + Rohde, Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Travers and Warner Fabrics.

Each of the six lines offers a unique perspective, from subtle, modern and sophisticated to opulent, elegant and extravagant. But before I delve into a little intro to each line, I can’t possibly mention Z+R without giving well-deserved praise for their amazing website (below) that puts anything you could possibly need to know right at your fingertips. No substitute of course for your brilliant KDR sales representatives—the irreplaceable Kim Caldwell (STL and KC) and Dianna Sether (MN).

The page for each individual fabric provides everything from the repeat and additional colorways, to the fabric care and content with an enlargement of the pattern itself serving as the background for the page.

Not only is the site user-friendly, an in-depth search function lets you browse by color, design, brand, use, properties, weave, manufacturing or composition.  The site is as informative as it is beautiful, right down to the music that accompanies your search.

Whether simply a refresher, or your first introduction to Z+R, the brief preview of each line below should provide a bit of insight.

Zimmer + Rohde: A variation of modern classic, timeless elegance.


Ardecora: Sensual opulence, elegant extravagance.

Etamine: A reflection of the French way of life, natural, romantic, light and fresh.

Hodsoll McKenzie: A reflection of the British way of life, traditional with modern flair.


Travers: A translation of English country to urban and rural living in America.

Warner Fabrics: Purveyor to the Royal Family, distinguished elegance, English charm.

One more web feature that I must mention is the ability to save “sample books” as PDF’s for your own files, or you can send an entire sample book via e-mail through the website. To create a sample book, select your fabric, go to the Colorways tab and on the upper corner of your final selection, hit “Store” and it will appear in your Sample Book below. Once you have compiled your options into the Book you can either save as a PDF (see below for an example) or send the entire book to a client or co-worker.


I could go on, but I’ll leave you and hope that you continue to, or start exploring this exciting new addition to our textile department. Stay tuned for a Q&A with the design director for Travers, a look at her interesting career and the new direction she has given the line.

For more information on Zimmer + Rohde products contact your KDR Sales Representative.
St. Louis and Kansas City: Kim Caldwell, kimc@kdrshowrooms.com or 314.368.6101
Minneapolis: Dianna Sether, diannas@kdrshowrooms.com or 612.669.9947


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